Sunday, June 15, 2014

Musings of a Foodie: Saturday Morning Scramble

Good morning! I am aware that today is not Saturday, but today's post is about a lovely breakfast I shared with my cousin, who is quite possibly my favorite person in the world. I am sure that she will be mentioned numerous times on this blog, so I might as well introduce her. Welcome Macie! 

We decided to go to breakfast at Jax White Mule Diner on First Street downtown. It is a fairly new business and based on the Yelp reviews, it seemed like a great choice. (For those of you who don't know what Yelp is, firstly have you been living under a rock?? Just kidding. I highly recommend it. You can get it as an app or visit the website; reviews, menus, directions, everything you need to know before trying someplace new.) 

I instagrammed an overview of our meal which you can check out by clicking the Instagram button on the right. We were seated right away in a corner booth by the window and ordered coffee, because we can't not have coffee in the morning. It took us all of ten minutes to decide what to order because everything sounded SO good. I guess that was cue #1 that this was going to be a great morning. We ordered the French Beignets, because Macie had never tried them and they were to die for. Beignets are french infused Southern-style doughnuts, deep fried and sprinkled with powdered sugar and served steaming hot with coffee. These were unlike any other beignets I've tried because they had a slight orange-y essence to them. Delicious. We finally decided on our orders...after about 3 visits from our waitress asking if we were ready. Technically, our hesitation is a compliment to them. 

After our food arrived, Macie watched in amazement (actually she was probably not amazed, she's pretty used to it) as I immediately went into Food-Blogger mode, photographing, tweeting and instagramming our meal. What can I say? It's what I do. Apparently I'm an "insta-hoe". I do my best. 

The prices were pleasantly affordable, even with tip and tax. The environment itself was homey and comfortable, and fit the bill of the Napa "theme". The wait staff was friendly and accommodating, refilling our coffee without us having to ask and bringing our food pretty promptly. Overall, it was a lovely breakfast and a great start to the day. I will be going to Jax again, and highly recommend it if you are in or visiting the Napa area and are looking for an old-school diner experience with an excellent culinary twist. 

All the best, 

Greta Elise

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