Thursday, June 19, 2014

My Favorite Bloggers/Tubers

 My friend told me that it sounds nothing short of weird when I call them "Tubers" but what can I say, I'm weird.  I'm a dedicated subscriber to every one of these lovely women, and I probably shouldn't admit this because it's breaching crazy psycho-stalker territory, but I also follow them on Bloglovin' (if they have a blog) Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. Embarrassing, yes, but it's what I do. It's my "niche". No judgment is needed, I'm aware of my obsessive tendencies.  

And now, it is my pleasure to introduce (well, actually none of them even know I exist, unfortunately, so there's that) my favorite eight YouTubers and bloggers. 90% of what I have learned about makeup, blogging, writing, and just being more confident as a woman is from these eight beauties. 

Esteé Blog •YouTube •Vlog Channel
Aspyn YouTube •Vlog Channel
Lauren YouTube 
Meghan YouTube •Vlog Channel
Amelia •Blog •YouTube 
Arden YouTube
Claudia YouTube Vlog Channel
Kate Blog •YouTube

Some people, my family included, think it's a little weird that I watch them so religiously, because I often talk about them or mention something I learned or saw as if I know them in real life. I agree, it's probably a little much, but oh well, I'm a creepy individual. I hope you check them out and subscribe, I know they will appreciate it. 

All the best, 

Greta Elise

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