Tuesday, June 17, 2014

App Focus: VSCO Cam

Happy Tuesday! I spent the past hour and a half brainstorming with my coffee cup about what today's post should be about. I had originally planned on blogging Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, however it's almost therapeutic for me and I've enjoyed it so much that I may as well shoot for daily posts- at least this week. Plans may change if and when I find a job, and I have some weekend trips coming up where I'm not sure I'll be able to post, but I'll do my best! 

Anyway, I was catching up on my blog feed on Bloglovin' (follow me by clicking the link to your right) reading over the various posts, drooling over the summer recipes and gathering inspiration from the endless photos when it came to me... App Focus. Which app have I been loving, why, and what makes it unique? I've been asked before what I use to edit my instagrams, and I consider this a great compliment that people want to know because I take pride in each and every one of my pictures. For me, it's more than how many likes I can get or how many filters and hash-tags I can apply (in fact, I rarely, if ever, use hash-tags, and I can't remember the last time I used an actual Instagram filter) So what do I use? 

Enter VSCO Cam

Named the App of the Year by Apple in 2013, this app provides a clean and simple interface and produces gorgeous photos without taking away from the photo's original content. 
I edit all of my instagrams using this app, along with either InstaSize or Squareready for the white edges. I feel like the white edges provide a cleaner and more artistic platform for the photo, and it also enables me to post photos that would not otherwise fit in the standard square crop that Instagram is known for. I will do another post reviewing the other apps in my Photography folder soon, as each one serves as the perfect tool in creating a specific effect I have in mind. 

Here is an overview of what the app looks like once opened; it stores your photos that you have edited within the app in a separate album, though you also have the choice of exporting to your camera roll. I sometimes store them in both my camera roll and the app itself because it is easier to grab them out of camera roll if I am sending the photos or wanting to edit them further in another app, but it is nice to see all of my VSCO photos in one place. 

Once you import a new photo by clicking the + button at the top, you are given a set of gorgeous filters. My personal favorite and the one that I use 90% of the time is F2. F2 increases the photo's contrast but gives it a faded, slightly vintage and "comfy" effect. 

After the filter is applied, there is the option to further edit it by clicking the tools button, which is signified by a wrench, next to the paintbrush which signifies the filters. You are then faced with limitless options for your photo with a broad range of tools including Exposure, Temperature, Contrast, Rotate, Crop, Sharpness and many more. While it may seem overwhelming, this is by far my favorite app for editing because it has a simple and sleek interface and the tools are easy to use, even for photography amateurs. 

After you have your desired image, you have the option of exporting the photo to various social networks, but I usually open it in one of the aforementioned white border apps to prep it for Instagram. 

If you'd like to know how I use Squareready, InstaSize, or any of my other Photography apps, leave a comment below and I will start work on another App(s) Focus post! I hope this post wasn't too confusing, and if it wasn't obvious, I highly recommend VSCO cam (it's free in the App Store!) I am willing to bet you will love it. 

All the best, 

Greta Elise

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