Friday, June 13, 2014

High-Five For Friday!

Happy Friday, ya filthy animals. Today will be a post of my very first Friday Favorites! *drumroll* These are not only beauty favorites but some of my favorite non-beauty favorites as well, which I have been loving this week. They may even make it to my monthly favorites, so look forward to that later this month! 

 I am a lover of coffee and tea, so it only makes sense that I also happen to love mugs (of all shapes, sizes and colors) This beauty happens to be my new favorite. It's big! and it's neon green inside, seriously what more could I want? My lovely boyfriend bought it for me late last month at the John Steinbeck museum in Salinas, CA, and I am pretty sure I've used it every single morning since. 

 I'm obsessed with the EOS line, and this flavor entered my collection earlier this week. They're a rip off, at around $2.75 a pop, but I'm an impulse buyer and I had to have it. This one is Summer Fruit, which is fitting, and it smells like a smoothie. It's a bundle of joy, I'm telling you. The EOS lip balms can be found almost anywhere, but I got this one at Target. They also sell the bulk pack at Costco which I've had my eye on for a few months now. 

 This journal was given to me as a graduation gift from my aunt and uncle, and I was so pleased when I opened it up because I saw it in our local Francesca's and wanted it so badly! I've always loved journals, but have a hard time staying inspired and committed to writing. This one is perfect for solving that problem because it has writing prompts and quotes, along with pages to write down major and mini goals, as the title suggests. I don't know if this particular journal is still available in stores (it wasn't online) but I highly recommend visiting the site. I've come to the conclusion I want every single thing in the store. 

It's summer now which means I don't really need nor want to wear a full face of makeup unless I'm going somewhere other than the mailbox. Enter the CC Cream. Many makeup brands are creating these "color correctors" because they provide the lightweight feel and sunscreen protection of a BB cream, but with a little more coverage (and who doesn't want a little help every once in a while?) This one is from Physician's Formula and the packaging is fun but easy to use. The tip doesn't get messy, and you really only need a pea-size amount. I apply this after my moisturizer and primer, and finish off with some under-eye and spot concealer and some translucent powder. I purchased this from Ulta but it can probably be found at any major drugstore and Target. 

So those are my Friday Favorites this week. Please feel free to leave comments if you have any questions about these products, and check back often. 

All the best, 

Greta Elise

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