Monday, June 30, 2014

Monday Morning Grind: Take 3

There's something about being on the water, being so close to a seamless infinity, that all the little worries and trials of life momentarily disappear. Never having been to Lake Tahoe before and dealing with a few personal hiccups, I was skeptical about taking a little weekend trip and not necessarily looking forward to the three hour drive with inevitable traffic. After a Target stop (a girl's gotta have her Starbucks) I plugged in my earbuds, blasted some Don Henley and watched the landscape (and altitude) drastically change before me. The weather was perfect, and I developed a sunburn that is quickly turning to a tan so I have no complaints. There were heart-to-hearts, selfies and champagne and, as you can see, endless photo-ops. 

Taking a walk on a pier, no matter where it is, ocean or lake, it makes you feel boundless and on top of the world. It makes you feel in control and like you can do anything. If only there were more piers in life; more moments for instantaneous limitlessness. 

Few things are more beautiful in this world than a sunset, and a sunset over a lake is even more beautiful. 

Patterns, textures and colors. 

The mountains were still covered in snow caps which provided a lovely contrast to the eighty-four degrees by the water. 

No, I do not have a really bad soccer tan, it's just the lighting I promise. The water was so clear and shallow, almost to the end of the pier before dropping off. While I love Clearlake, it's a very different atmosphere, and the clearness of the Tahoe water was a nice change from the dark depths of Clearlake. 

My first meal was an Ahi-Tuna Salad, which, while delicious, was even more delicious on camera. Perks of being an aspiring food're more aware of ordering beautiful food and not just good food. 

What moments did you experience this weekend that gave you a momentary infinity? (I'm going a little TFIOS here- but I have yet to see the movie, so if anyone wants to take me, I'll love you forever) 

"A lake is the landscape’s most beautiful and expressive feature. It is earth’s eye; looking into which the beholder measures the depth of his own nature." ~Henry David Thoreau

All the best, 

♥︎ Greta Elise

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