Wednesday, July 2, 2014

It's Okay

Happy Hump Day! I realize I neglected my blog for most of today and yesterday, and I apologize. I feel horrible about it, but I am suffering from a severe lack of inspiration; I've scoured Pinterest and caught up on my blog feed, but still nothing. I guess I'm just in a mid-week funk...this seems to be a weekly occurrence. 

But it's okay. 

It's okay to admit that we all have bad days; even bloggers (whom a lot of readers view as having ideal and perfect lives...haha! no) and people who always strive to have a smile on their face. It's okay to admit that bad moods are more common than not and that the struggle is definitely real here people! It's okay to have a mental breakdown when the Keurig isn't working and you don't get your morning coffee. It's okay that Spotify keeps freezing and you don't get what you expected to get in the mail. It's okay to binge watch Netflix for three hours (Serena van der Woodsen makes even the worst of days bearable) and then fall asleep so you don't have to face your problems. It's okay to just eat donuts, as hard as that is to admit to the world, but you know what? 

It's okay.

Because everyone has bad days. The rich and famous, the poor and desolate, the average Joe and the Negative Nelly. The editor of the NY Times and the owner of the local McDonalds. We're only human, and everyone has their own ways of coping. And sometimes, days are just crappy. Everyone has them and everyone gets past them. OOTDs (outfits of the days) are leggings and hoodies and hair gets pulled up into an ever-so-glamourous ponytail. Makeup? Haha, yeah no. The batteries on your phone and laptop get drained because that's how you spend your time, and your bed gets laid in a bit longer than usual. 

It's just one of those days where the smallest things can either make you laugh or cry. Emotions are more sensitive and people who don't text you back are more annoying than usual. You just really want a smoothie and some french fries and maybe someone to watch Titanic with so you can cry your eyes out and be forever scared of going on a cruise. Because you sleep all afternoon you probably won't fall asleep until late tonight which means you'll wake up in a horrible mood tomorrow, and that Keurig better be working or it's going to get ugly real fast. 

But it's okay. Because tomorrow is another day. And there's always a second chance. 

All the best, 

♥︎ Greta Elise

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