Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Musings of a Foodie: An Avocado a Day

I may have mentioned before, but I absolutely love avocados. Especially in the summer, but pretty much anytime of the year, nothing else is quite like the fresh, creamy and still healthy avocado. Avocados have many health benefits including an increase in heart health, anti-inflammatory benefits, increase of blood sugar regulation and anti-cancer benefits. Sounds like an all-around superfood to me!

Avocados are one of those foods that can be dressed up or down and tastes good with just about anything. One of my favorite ways to eat an avocado is on a bagel with cream cheese and some salt and pepper, another is a little olive oil, some salt and pepper and some freshly chopped tomatoes. Yummy. It's not uncommon for me to eat a whole avocado three to four times a week and that's not including the omelets, burritos, salads and anything else I might try to sneak it into (by the way...Chipotle has one of the best guacamoles out there, pure avocado perfection)  Here are a few recipes that can help you branch out your avocado obsession. 

What are your favorite avocado recipes? I'd love to hear all about them! If you yourself aren't an avo-fan, consider trying the recipes that sneak them in, such as the cupcakes and smoothie, or search Pinterest for thousands more ideas! Pinterest is always a good idea. 

All the best, 

♥︎ Greta Elise

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