Monday, July 7, 2014

Monday Morning Grind: Take 4

Yes, I am alive! It's been a tumultuous few days, and I realize I am a bit late in posting this as it is not morning anymore, but I promise I have a reason! Looking on the bright side, I managed to make coffee without a Keurig this morning (and it was OK, to say the least) I saw an extremely cute six-month baby today and made him laugh (there's nothing quite like the feeling of making a baby laugh, even a stranger's baby) and I finally watched The Fault In Our Stars last night. Granted, I never imagined I'd be watching it on a poor quality website at midnight, alone, but hey, you take what you can get and my new motto is "I'm not complaining." I will probably do a separate post discussing TFIOS because honestly, it deserves its own post, but more on that later. Let's jump to a product focus post!

I've been somewhat familiar with the True Science brand for a couple of years now, because we've had a few bottles of their moisturizer wandering around the bathroom shelves. More than a face cream, it has seemed to diminish scarring and "cure" minor cuts and bruises pretty quickly the handful of times I've used it. That being said, it's never been a holy-grail product or something that I've done extensive research on. I know my dad and uncle are pretty educated about the various health advantages, etc. but I haven't exactly had an in-depth conversation about the product. Anyway! My grandma was a little late in giving me my birthday gift this year (which I have absolutely no problem with, because I love getting presents whenever) but when I opened up the box and found a cool-toned, sleek quad of products I was intrigued. 

The kit comes with a cleanser, anti-aging cream, a toning lotion and an eye serum. The packaging is different, but heavy-duty and I don't worry about the products spilling all over my toiletry bag when I throw them in. 

I'm very picky when it comes to cleansers, because I have a laundry list of requirements. Because I have combination skin that tends to be more oily in summer and drier in winter, I need a product that won't increase both of those concerns. The occasional blemish is also to be considered, and I have scarring mostly on my cheeks and chin, so it's always nice to have a product that decreases my scars and minimizes my fine lines. I have extremely sensitive eyes and my under-eye area gets irritated easily; I also always want to make sure that my cleanser removes most if not all of my makeup, including waterproof mascara, the occasional eyeliner, etc. All of that being said, I was skeptical that this cleanser could meet all of these needs and wants...but it did. To be fair, I only used it last night (I prefer a more exfoliating cleanser in the morning, hence my holy-grail Clean&Clear Morning Burst) but so far, my ratings are high. It was gentle and smooth on my skin, removed all of my makeup (which I had a full face of because I thought I was going out yesterday afternoon- it never happened, but a woman should always be prepared, yes?) and left my skin looking brighter and fresh. 

I have heard from countless sources that now is the best time to start using eye care products, even if almost-twenties isn't considered old. I have heeded these warnings but haven't found an eye product that I had to have, probably because I honestly haven't taken the time to research that much. I struggle with hereditary dark circles and fine lines, but haven't necessarily used an eye cream until now. I can't go on and on about the potential pros and cons of this product simply because I don't know much about eye creams in general, but upon one night of use, my eyes weren't as puffy or dark when I woke up, and my skin was bright and smooth. 

When I used this earlier this morning, I thought of it more as a primer than a lotion. It looks like a gel consistency from the packaging, but it's more liquid than gel, while still not being as thick as a full-blown cream. I used it before my primer and BB cream because it did seem to help smooth out my face and cover any rough patches, so I'm already a fan. 

Finally, this is the product I've always associated with True Science, and this is the "miracle cream." I used this as my night cream after I washed my face last night, and while it took a few minutes to really set in, it wasn't greasy or drying on my face at all. It is definitely not a heavy moisturizer, so I wouldn't consider it like a mask at all, but it is a light, gentle cream which, unless they've changed their formula, I am expecting great results from. 

So those are four products which I added to my skincare regimen. I will keep you posted on any pros and cons I may come across, and I will consider doing a One Month Later post, if I notice any dramatic changes to my skin. In the meantime, I would highly recommend the True Science website- the products are on the pricier side, but they are worth a try, for sure. 

All the best, 

♥︎ Greta Elise

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