Saturday, August 30, 2014

Letters From A College Freshman: Dorm Room Tour

Hello lovely human beings of the internet, I am alive and well. I've been living in North Dakota for a week now, and it's feeling like a second home. I live here now and it's starting to feel real. I'm getting a routine down and I've found my little group. I'm making friends very quickly and finding my niche. I love my room, and it's become my place, as I've strived to make it reflect me and my style and all that I love. Now that I'm all settled and have my schedule down, I will do my best to get back into my blogging routine, and I'm eager to write all my college posts! I thought I'd start by doing a tour of my new room! 

My bedding is all from Target because I love Target and they have everything for pretty decent prices. 

Blanket in Mint Ash
Jersey Sheets in Heather Ebony
  Decorative Pillow in Teal 
I couldn't find the bigger pillow or the pillowcase online, but I also got those at Target here in Bismarck, and I got the pillowcase in gray. My mother said it looks like a fuzzy elephant and it really does.

Three of my four walls are white brick, and very little sticks to them, but my mother put ribbon in two strips and then I attached photos with double stick tape. I have others on my windowsill and the window seat. My room is surrounded with photos, but I like it that way. 

All the furniture in my dorm hall is brand spankin' new, as the hall itself is newly remodeled. My desk is my second favorite thing after my bed because it is huge. I can work comfortably, even with three or four books open, along with my laptop and planner. There are two spacious drawers, and two deep shelves so they hold all my school supplies and books, which makes it easier to stay organized. My mom picked out this little desk organizer which is actually a planter...but we like to multi-purpose. I like this lamp because it is flexible and not too big, but it gives a low light which makes the room cozier. 

I got a set of four cork boards and stuck them to the wall with adhesive squares. I love these because they're easy to pin things up in a rush and they add a nice contrast to the wall. My mom picked these little pins up too, and I keep them in a little bin on top my desk so they're convenient. 

I had my heart set on a floor mirror, and it just so happened that Target has these for like $5 so they're perfect for a dorm. I had it on the wall but the adhesives wouldn't hold it, so until I pick up some command strips, I have it pushed up against the wall, but it works either way.  

Although I've barely cracked these open, I know they will be worn out before too long. My work load hasn't been terrible yet, but knock on wood, because it's only the first week of 8 AM class got cancelled every day this week because the teacher was in Washington D.C. so it was pretty darn nice to be able to sleep in a bit. 

The top of my dresser houses my kitchen wares and my makeup mirror, and it's a nice big space like my desk, so if I need to use it for something other than a dresser top I easily could. The furniture is really multi-purpose and spacious which is really nice and convenient. I got my mug, water jar, kettle and flatware were all on sale and they all go with my color theme as well!

The bathrooms look like hotel bathrooms, and they are always super clean, which makes if feel more homey and less college-y, which I like and which makes this huge adjustment a little easier. 

I find myself representing my California pride on my door, and my neighbors know that my door is always open so they can come in at any time. 

My closet door was a little bland and naked until I printed these off and stuck them and  I feel like they showcase a little of my personality and passions and add some pi-zazz to an otherwise boring area. 

The showers are amazing, and they have two shower curtains, one separating the actual shower from the little space to hang your towel and robe, and the other is a curtain separating the whole shower space from the door. The tile is brand new and everything is immaculate, so I'm a happy camper. 

The halls are clean, though the renovation is still going on a bit so the brick floors are definitely dusty, but overall it gives a very comfortable and homey look and I love the brick and the tiles. 

I am loving dorm life so far, and I've already made so many wonderful friends. I miss home, especially after I got news of the Napa Earthquake, but I am embracing this new stage of my life with open arms and I am very eager to see what my future brings me. 

I promise I will get back into my blogging schedule now that I have a routine down and I have settled in for the most part. Leave a comment if you have questions about dorm life or anything else, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. I absolutely love how you made your room so personalized! And that Keep Calm, Live Like Blair poster is so on point. Super happy to hear that you're loving college life!!

  2. Such a cute dorm room! Keep documenting your time there because it goes by way too fast! I'm glad it's starting to feel like a second home to you! Best of luck!

  3. Oh man, this brings me back so hard, haha. I can't believe you're braving North Dakota! I went to a college about an hour to my hometown, UC Santa Cruz. You have SUCH an adventure in store for you, it's so thrilling :)