Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Musings of a Foodie: Açaí Bowls

I love spontaneous outings, especially when food is involved. I am such a foodie, as you most likely know, and I am always looking to expand my horizons and discover new places. When I leave for college, my guess is that I won't have as much dinero in my wallet as I do now, and random trips downtown for a bite to eat will be seldom. I may be wrong, but this summer I have done my best to explore the culinary world a little more and document each moment. 

While Nektar Juice Bar hardly qualifies as a culinary must-try, I was craving something fresh and simple and called up my cousin for an early "dinner". Sometimes the standard won't cut it, and I crave something adventurous. This place recently opened and I'd been looking forward to trying it out. 

I ordered the Tropical Bowl and my cousin had the Banana Berry with Peanut Butter.

Food that is beautiful and tastes good is always best. 

The decor of this place is on point. I love the pop of color and polaroid-style artwork. 

It is a juice bar after all, and they are apparently known for their juice cleanses. We didn't try them, but the juices are neatly lined up in the fridge and sound amazing. 

Bananas, coconut and a touch of cocoa...mmm.

We thoroughly enjoyed our "meal."

I couldn't help shooting a hand selfie of this bad boy. I've never seen Boxed Water and it was a little pricy just for plain old water, but the packaging? Um, yes! 

The kitchen is in plain sight and the shelves are lined with baskets or fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs. No flash frozen anything here. 

The menu is fairly simple but they offer a good amount of items, so it's easy to find something that sounds good. 

I highly recommend Nektar, and while it is a bit different from Vitality Bowl, it's still a great place to grab a smoothie or bowl of goodness, and it's relatively cheap too, which is always a bonus. 

All the best, 

♥︎ Greta Elise

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