Saturday, August 9, 2014

High-Five For Friday! {Late Post}

Yes, I am alive! Our wifi situation has been taken care and (hopefully) is here to stay. I haven't been able to post at all, but now I have all these posts lined up, so I hope you enjoy them! Without a lot of fluff, let's jump right into my favorites for this week, which is a late post (forgive me!) 

1. My favorite outfit of the week is actually what I have on today. Please excuse my sister's bathrobe and the mirror that needs some serious Windex. I'll admit I've been sucked into the flannel-around-the-waist trend. It makes perfect sense too, especially in Northern California where it goes from really warm to really chilly as soon as the sun starts to set. 
My shorts are from American Eagle Outfitters and are my favorite denim go-to. 
My tee is also from American Eagle; I love their tees because they're light and breathable and they are so comfortable but still look put together and can be dressed up or down. Navy is such a versatile color and is a great choice year round.
My flannel is from Target and is a fairly lightweight flannel, but still keeps the chill off and goes perfectly with my relaxed look. 
My necklace is from Loft and adds a little bling, which I like on the weekends especially. 
There you go! Versatile, comfortable, and a classy touch, this is the perfect go-to outfit for these last summer nights. 

2. My favorite non-beauty favorite is my brand new planner which I treated myself to, and which will be essential to stay focused and organized once school starts. It's from Kate Spade New York, and I found mine on Amazon. There were only a few left when I ordered it earlier this week, but you can find it here. It's a great size and I'm glad I ordered the large one because I prefer big pages to write on. I love the gold dots, and there are inspirational quotes for every month, along with monthly views and day-by-day spaces to write in detail. I've already started filling this beauty up with my schedule, which is starting to come together nicely! 

3. My favorite food of the week was this cup of happiness, which I enjoyed with one of my cousins after we met for lunch earlier this week. We walked down to the local Fro-Yo place, and I went to town. I got Tropical Fruit, Coconut and Mango yogurts and topped it off with strawberries, blueberries, mango, pineapple and those weird squishy things that my cousin insisted I try (I honestly don't even know what they're called) It was summertime in my mouth. Delicious. 

4. My favorite beauty favorite this week is this new bronzer I picked up at Target. It's the ELF one in Golden and I actually read online that is a dupe for Dior's Amber Diamond. I love dupes, so this is a valuable piece of information! This one was only $3 but once again, ELF has created a winner. It's pigmented enough that it gives a nice contour and glow, but it's subtle enough that it still looks natural. I've been wearing it along with the blush and highlighter from my Naked Flushed Palette, and I'm just really loving the softer and more neutral tone that this bronzer gives opposed to the one in my Flushed Palette which looks a bit more put on. 

5. Finally, my motto of the week is this, because I love Blair Waldorf and while she isn't exactly a great moral compass, she is forever classy and witty and knows how to keep her head high, even amidst all her crappy life situations. 

So there are my favorites for this week! I apologize, again, for posting this a day late but I hope you still enjoy them! 

What were your favorites this week? I'd love to hear about new products you've tried or trends you've been adopting.

All the best, 

♥︎ Greta Elise

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