Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Letters From A College Freshman: Moving Week Update

Hello everybody! I am alive and well, though my blogging hasn't exactly been up to parr lately. I've been busy with packing and family parties and spending these last few days with friends before I finally leave on Friday morning, so I didn't plan on blogging every day anyway. Still, it's been a while, so I just wanted to let you know that I haven't given up on my blog or my readers, just taking a little blog-cation. I suspect I won't be blogging everyday once I get to North Dakota until I am moved in and settled, but I will do my best. I will also work on some posts to have lined up to publish on those days when I'm not able to write. 

All in all, life is O.K. I'm starting to feel the feels (you know what movie I'm referencing here) as Friday gets closer, but I'm also excited to go and start my new life in my new home. I ordered all my books, picked my meal plan, sent in (most of) my forms and filled a big garbage bag with Goodwill items this afternoon. I really don't have that many clothes, which makes packing a bit easier, but also a tad more stressful because I realize everything I need to buy once in Bismarck, and also, even without a huge wardrobe, I can't manage to fit everything in a single suitcase and backpack. Feelin' the feels and stressing big time! 

I still don't know who my roommate is- apparently a bunch of girls whom the Housing Department had paired up decided they weren't attending the school after all, so now Housing has to go and rematch everyone. I should know (hopefully) before I leave, but if not, well, we'll all be surprised! I do know the hall in which I will be living, Boniface West, and I have my new address. The hall is brand new and completely renovated, so everything from the mattresses to the shower hardware is new (which excites me just a little more because I happen to like new things) I'm sure I will be posting some pictures once I'm settled, so look forward to that! 

I also have my classes, which are Philosophy, Introduction To Bible, Spanish, Principles Of Management (basically a fancy name for a Business class) and Freshman Seminar. I have "met" quite a few of my classmates via Facebook, and my counselors who have helped me have been fantastic. 

I'm not sure what else there is to update. I didn't intend on making this a pre-college post, but I guess I have a lot going on and the bulk of it is college related! I have some posts I am working on that I will be scheduling if all goes well, so look forward to that, and in the meantime, wish me luck on my final days here in California! 
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