Thursday, August 14, 2014

Visiting the CIA

No, I'm not referring to the Central Intelligence Agency, I'm talking about the Culinary Institute of America. We have one right here in the Napa Valley, and earlier this week I was privileged enough to accompany the same photographer (who I shot with last week) on a visit. We also stopped by the Charles Krug Winery on the way back into Napa. I've never actually been inside a winery before, and it was an awesome (for lack of a better word) experience. 

The "chilling" room. 

I couldn't believe how many wine barrels there were.

And these gorgeous lights that were lining the original ceilings. 

Lovely gardens and blue sky. 

The actual winery itself is a work of art. 

The Culinary Institute of America, in all of its glory.

A collection of antique bottle openers, in all shapes and styles imaginable. 

The Café, which unfortunately we didn't have time to sample, but it's on my list of things to do.

Fresh produce from the winery across the highway.

A rustic but beautiful centerpiece in the Café.

Spotless silverware.

Incredible truffles.

The main wine bar.

And every single cookbook you could ever imagine, but this became a personal favorite. 

I hope I can go back to the CIA and try some of their delicious food. When I was younger, it was my dream to become a chef and attend the Institute. Those dreams have changed a bit, but I still love everything related to food and this place was unbelievable. 

Have you visited any of the CIA locations?
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