Friday, April 22, 2016


FOMO (fear of missing out) is something that I think almost everyone can relate to, no matter their age. Personally, I find nothing wrong with alone time, and I am by no means socially inept, but I do appreciate time to just be by myself, to do the things that make me happy and content and to take time for me. However, staying active and doing new things is something that has always been attractive to me and something that I really want to be better about. Being in college, having a job and being in a serious relationship means that a lot of my time is taken up, but my summer break starts in one week and I'm determined to make it one for the books. 

GOMO is the new mantra for 2016, and it means Go Out More Often. Having this mentality is all well and good but it's a little difficult to constantly be inventive and think of things to do and places to go without knowing how to go about it. That's where Eventbrite comes in. Eventbrite is an event platform that lets you search for events happening in your hometown. You are also able to plan and manage your own events and promote them on the website. 

I make pretty good money and yes, I have bills to pay, necessities to buy and saving to do, but it's my goal this summer to use the extra cash I have and GOMO. There are tons of summer events happening in Napa, some of which I would really like to go to. Netflix and napping will always be there, but memories are things that can be easily taken for granted and not taken advantage of. 

Whether it's going to a concert, trying 10 new restaurants or bars, going camping or hiking, or even just getting into a regular gym routine, GOMO is my goal to obtain a healthier, more memorable and exciting lifestyle. 

Check out Eventbrite to see what's going on in your area, and also click here to see how you can help support local event creation and GOMO! 

What are your plans for ending FOMO and creating a more active and fun-filled summer?  

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