Monday, April 25, 2016

Finals Week Fuel

I can't believe it's the last week of this school year. I feel like I was just leaving on a plane to start my Sophomore year, and now I'm trying to purge my closet, redesign websites, perfect a print ad and write a final paper. As I write this I'm sitting in class listening to some last minute presentations, hiding under a hat because my hair is staticky from the rain and I didn't put makeup on this morning. Also, I may or may not be wearing the same hoodie that I've been wearing the past three days (but I promise it's still clean!) Ah, finals week. 

As a Communications major, I only have one exam this semester, the rest are just presentations/projects. And even those aren't very stressful. Once it's over, it's over. I won't have to stay up all night, drink a copious amount of coffee out of necessity (pleasure however, is more likely) and I definitely won't cry myself to sleep because I'm destined to fail my classes. I can proudly say that this semester has been the best GPA I've ever gotten (it's also been the most difficult semester on a personal level, so it's funny how life works out like that!) If I can get an 80% or higher on that one test, I'll be a straight A student. It feels so great. 

With the lack of school stress comes the I'm moving back home for Summer and we're driving 22 hours to get there stress. I'm very excited about our little road trip, don't get me wrong, but packing stresses me out, making sure my address is changed back to California stresses me out, and trying to maintain at least $200 since I put in my leave of absence at work really stresses me out. However, last week, we finally payed off what we needed to get taken care of before we left for home, so I guess emptying my bank account is slightly relieving, for once. 

Enough about my not-so-entertaining life, for those of you who are stressing about finals, worrying about going home or trying to get that 3.7 to a 4.0, you can do it! Be calm, be positive, be sure of yourself. Don't put yourself down, don't overwork yourself and please don't swim in your's only a few more days until it's all over. 

Drink coffee but also tea, because too much coffee will dehydrate you. Protein shakes and fruit are my go-tos, but sometimes you need a comfort meal too, and that's okay. Do your best and be proud, and if you aren't, then work until you are the very best version of yourself. 

Happy finals week everyone, and may the odds be ever in your favor. 

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