Wednesday, February 18, 2015

What I'm Not Giving Up For Lent

Well, I made it through Ash Wednesday. Some friends and I attended Mass this evening at the cathedral in town and had to sit in folding chairs in the lobby as the church was jam packed. What a beautiful inconvenience. How blessed we are to attend a school and live in a country where we can be proud to showcase our faith and where we know we are not alone. 

Lent is the preparation period of 40 days leading up to Easter Sunday. As Catholics, we are taught to fast, pray and give alms during these days of meditation. Here and here are some posts I found regarding Lent that I really enjoyed. Check them out! Now, when I was deciding what to write about tonight, I had two ideas. The first, what I'm giving up/doing for Lent, I decided against because the words of the gospel tonight rang in my ears: do not look gloomy like the hypocrites. Yes, we live in an age where (not just my generation) everyone shares everything from their meals to their spring break plans to their relationships; everything that is even fairly private is plastered all over social media. I'm not saying this is wrong or unfortunate. I believe it is fine in moderation, and that is the personal rule I live by, but I do believe that there are some things that should only be shared to our closest friends and family, if anyone, and definitely not over social media for the world to know. 

What this post is about is what I'm not giving up for Lent. Clever, huh? 

1. Coffee. I know it's probably not a good thing, but I have trained my body to rely on caffeine so much that when I don't have it, I get awful headaches and crash. Not fun. I do recognize I have a serious coffee addiction as I sometimes have up to five cups a day, so I will work on cutting that down to like three, but as far as in it's entirety, sorry I can't. 

2. Netflix. Every girl has something she turns to when nothing seems to be going right. For some, it's their boyfriend, for others, their puppies. Since I have neither, Netflix fills this void. I am really good about not letting it take priority over my assignments which I consider a great ability, and besides, at the rate I'm going with Grey's Anatomy, I'll be a certified resident in no time. Pfft medical school, who needs it?

3. Makeup. I live with the mentality that every day is a chance to meet the man I am supposed to spend the rest of my life with. Maybe I've already met him, maybe I won't find him for another few years. But what if I meet him tomorrow... have you ever taken the time to think about that? It's pretty neat, if you ask me. Wait. What does this have to do with makeup? When applied correctly and appropriately, makeup enhances a woman's natural, God-given beauty. Some days though, everyone needs a little help and that's okay. Because God wants us to feel confident and proud of ourselves. I don't think having a nice face of makeup and my hair done makes me fake or vain; it makes me feel better about myself, makes me want to do better and be better and it makes me look more put together. And what if I do meet him tomorrow? Don't I want to look my best?

4. Social Media. I don't have a real good reason for this one except I am a college student and I need the internet and social media for almost all of my classes, for staying connected with my family who live halfway across the country and simply for my own sanity. Sorry, but I'm only human. 

What are you not giving up for Lent?

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