Friday, March 6, 2015

Musings of a Foodie: Sushi Friday

Tonight is our last night in Fargo as we head back to school tomorrow afternoon. It's been a very low-key spring break & I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in an actual home with a family who has lovingly adopted me. 

Fridays during Lent are meat free, so sushi seemed like a good option. (Who am I kidding, sushi is a good option pretty much all the time, with very few exceptions). We had a 15% off coupon for this place on 45th street, so we hopped in the car and drove over. It was pretty decent sushi (considering we live in a state where the nearest large body of water is the Red River) & coupons are always appreciated, especially for broke college students. 

Rachel ordered the eel & avocado roll and crunchy roll which had tempura & avocado. 

I had the spicy salmon roll with cucumber & avocado.

Miso soup is my favorite. 

I am adding "exemplary third-wheeler" to my resume. 

And to top it all off, salmon sashimi because a few more months until I get hour old fresh fish can't come soon enough. 

If you're looking for a light Lenten meal in Fargo, try Samurai. Tonight was my first time going, but I'm generally a good judge of restaurants the first time around.  

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