Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Hooked On...

This kitchen: House of Cards has a way of drawing you in and not letting you go. Especially for the politically wired viewers like myself, the show is the perfect balance of suspense, scandal and senators. But regardless of the perfection of the show, can we talk about the interior design that is the Underwood's home?! I am obsessed. From the sleek appliances to the subtle lighting, Claire really knows how to plan out a kitchen. 

This water bottle: My bottle is actually the brand Contigo not Camelbak, because that's all Target had but it's literally the same thing except mine has markers on it that signify the ounces. I love the color because it is bright and cheerful and color is important. I have been infusing my water with lemons, grapefruit and strawberries and I've noticed that I drink so much more during the day when there is a hint of flavor. The labeled ounces make it easy to track how much water I am consuming and I've been taking a full bottle with me wherever I go. 

This graphic: Two of my favorite things, GOP and Lilly Pulitzer. Yes please. I have this set as my desktop image and I am completely obsessed. 

This journal: I recently decided that I need to start journaling again. Blogging is a wonderful outlet for me, but as I have made it public and the more it grows, I have to be careful about the more personal aspects of my life. I am a writer by nature, so having a place where I can jot down my private thoughts, fears and plane is key and having the right journal can make all the difference. I wanted one with spirals so I can write on a completely flat surface regardless of which page I'm on and I wanted one that preferably had quotes throughout it as I find a lot of inspiration in other's words. This one fit all my criteria and was under $10 at Barnes & Noble. 

This wallpaper: Are you noticing a theme here? Lilly Pulitzer prints are my favorite and anything with the American Flag is totally happening. This one is the lock screen on my iPhone. I'm really patriotic, okay?

This quote: What else is there to say? This quote speaks volumes. 

This mug: I'm on spring break and my best friend, her boyfriend, and I are spending the week at her house in Fargo. (We are so blessed that her gracious parents let us stay here, they are always so welcoming). Coming here is like coming to a second home and I'm so happy that I have a place that makes being so hard away from my own family a little bit easier. Anyway, I digress. Rachel's little sister has this Lilly Pulitzer mug that I steal every time we come home, and I'm pretty sure I'll have to get one of my own this summer, but in the meantime, we'll just pretend. 

This nail polish: I accumulated Ulta points (however that works) and had a $17 credit, so Rachel and I headed over the other day and I picked three new nail polishes because I mean, duh. We got a light, almost periwinkle blue, a bright red and a navy blue. We painted our nails with the navy as soon as we got home and so far, so good! It's such a rich, unique color and Revlon polishes generally have a good staying power so win win. 

This show: Spring break means sleeping, eating way too much, and binge watching SVU on Netflix. I'm not sure how many episodes we've watched since Friday, but it's upwards of fifteen for sure. It's just so good

Anything new you're hooked on?

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