Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Best Things About Your College Family

I think the biggest difference between high school and college is the relationships you begin to develop with people. Yes, I am very busy with lectures, homework, and studying. Somehow, amid the craziness of it all, I still find time to be with my friends more than I ever did in high school. That's what's so great about living on campus. You develop close relationships like you've never experienced before and it's absolutely wonderful. Bailey and I have been blessed with an amazing group of friends, who we have fondly started referring to as "the Family." We eat together, study together, cry together and laugh together, and wherever we go, no matter what's going down, there is always someone from the Family who we can find in one of a few places. We've had our troubles, but so far, there hasn't been any challenge that we can't get through and we consider ourselves pretty darn lucky to have such a crazy but lovable group. 

The Best Things About Your College Family
 Guest post by Bailey Barnes 

I've begun to notice, within the past few weeks, that my friends at this school, the people I'm with everyday, are slowly becoming more than friends to me. "Friend" doesn't seem like a good enough word to describe them. They're becoming my family. 

These are the best things about your friends becoming your family:

1. You're never alone
Just like your actual family, they love you no matter what. You could make the biggest mistake of your life and they're still going to be there for you. Just like your blood relatives, they're not going to abandon you. 

2. Someone's room becomes everyone's room
There's the room that everyone is ALWAYS in. Like constantly. It starts to be referred to as "the house" instead of so and so's room. 

3. There aren't any secrets
Everyone knows everything. Think you can keep something from the Family? That's funny. You can't. 

4. You make elaborate plans about the family in the future
"We should totally go on a cross country road trip!" 
"Wanna be a bridesmaid in my wedding?"
"Let's all get an apartment together in two years!"
 All quotes I've heard since I developed the family-like friendships in college. Making plans for the future isn't even weird for them. They're probably thinking it, too. 

5. Everything is shared
Actually everything. Clothes, food, drinks. Everything. There are usually articles of clothing, keys, and someone's phone and charger left in anyone's room (probably the house) at any given time.

6. Your problem becomes the family's problem 
They have your back and they're ready to defend you when someone is disrespecting you. It's like having your big siblings with you all the time, always ready to kick some serious butt. 

7. You can be yourself 
The best thing about your friends becoming your family is that you can be yourself around them. There's no need to wear a mask. Your family will accept you no matter what. 

I'd just like to finish this post by thanking everyone I consider my family in college. You guys are all amazing and are making every day of my college experience better than the one before. I truly love all of you. Thanks for a great first few months. Can't wait for what's to come!

With love, 
Bailey Barnes

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