Sunday, November 30, 2014

Feminism: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

 I realize this isn't a news channel or the NY Times, but Bailey and I had some ranting that was just too good to keep to ourselves. The bottom line is this: equality is a good thing, all people are created equal under God, but the problem is when organizations try to preach that equality is right at all costs and under all circumstances. No, men and women are not equal. As far as their functions, abilities and purposes, men and women will never be equal. Ever. And that pill is a hard one for modernity to swallow. We apologize if this post causes controversy or offends anyone as we are simply sharing our opinions (as conservative women who actually care about the current events of this somewhat screwed up country) Enjoy!

The Truth Behind Feminism
Guest post by Bailey Barnes

I am a woman and I’m not embarrassed by my femininity at all. I embrace it and celebrate it. But there are some organizations that do make me embarrassed to be a woman. They’re claiming they are feminists yet they seem to be demeaning women in the process.

You all know exactly what I’m talking about.

FCKH8 is a so-called feminist organization that is supposed to be showing the world that we should treat everyone, especially women, with the utmost respect. That is a great goal. I agree that everyone should be treated with respect. Kudos to you FCKH8. Really great goal. Their methods in doing this are incredibly disgusting. They created a video of young girls (young meaning, well, first graders) endorsing feminism and swearing like sailors. It’s incredibly disturbing. No matter your opinion on curse words, the video just makes women look bad.

And this is coming from a woman.

The fact is, true equality between men and women is impossible. Truly impossible. We’re made differently; for different purposes. Our brains are wired differently, our bodies function differently. Yes, I believe we should be treated with respect, but FCKH8 is just creating more hate.
Not to mention, these organizations don’t support the beauty of women’s bodies.

Organizations like FCKH8 are all pro-choice.

They tell us to love our bodies, to embrace our femininity, but also to kill our babies if they’re inconvenient?

Haven’t we women been taught the value of our bodies? The amazing ability we have to bring life into the world?

True feminism, in my mind, is loving every aspect of ourselves and the amazing things our bodies have been gifted to do.

So what is the solution? Just complain about feminist organizations? Not at all. There are actual non-profit organizations that support my views and the views of so many other women around the world.

The Guiding Star Project is a group that call themselves “new feminists.” Their motto is simple and represents everything that I believe encompasses true feminism. Their motto goes as follows:

“Pro-Women, Pro-Peace, Pro-Life.”

Their mission statement is written on their Facebook page.

“The Guiding Star Project is a non-profit organization whose mission is to bring about a Culture of Life through the nationwide establishment of holistic comprehensive health centers offering life-affirming services for women and their families.To accomplish this mission we will work to provide guidance and support to individuals and organizations wanting to unite and work cooperatively in their own communities in order to better coordinate their services for the benefit for women and families.”

This organization aims to show women the importance of their there you have it. Real feminism. Boom.

Check out their informational video.

With love,
Bailey Barnes

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  1. Hey! Maybe I'm misunderstanding something about this post so I have a question. What are the functions, purposes, and abilities that make men and women unequal?