Monday, October 20, 2014

Best Halloween Memories

Last week someone stole my laptop charger from a classroom, and since it was Fall Break over the weekend and most of my friends went home, I've been without my computer for almost a week now, hence going AWOL. A friend has been kind enough to lend me hers when I need it, and I ordered a new one from Amazon, so that should be here sometime this week, but that's why I've been so bad about posting lately. I guess Blogtober is kinda failing...

Anyway, we're going to jump right back into it, and today's post is going to be about a favorite Halloween memory. As I mentioned earlier, last weekend some friends and I traveled three hours East to Fargo, where we got in the true spirit of Fall by carving pumpkins, making cookies and boiling in the hottub at midnight. This is one of my favorite memories, because while it wasn't Halloween yet, I felt at home and it was a wonderful feeling to be able to experience traditional fall pastimes with some of the best people I know. 

You know you're preppy when there are three pairs of Sperrys by the front door. 

Preparing for an afternoon of shopping.

"Being happy never goes out of style."

The boys were content in their pullovers with ice cream and people watching. 

Picking out the perfect pumpkins.

Cleaning them out...

...and the final product!

Even my pumpkin had to be classy. 

Getting to work on the pumpkins...

and making homemade cookie dough. 

I hadn't rolled out cookie dough in God knows how long.

Cutting out all sorts of shapes and sizes. 

It's all about getting those details just right. 

We made a MESS. 

But decided to roast the pumpkin seeds to munch on.

First batch going into the oven.

Working on punching out the second batch. 

Meanwhile, the artists are hard at work. 

Outlining the patterns...

And concentrating on the carving. 

Working to create a masterpiece. 

The house all set up.

And the last of the gooey mess. 

Flour was everywhere, fingers, hands and noses.

We made enough cookies to feed an army.

I took my job very seriously.

Others weren't so serious...

Getting a good workout.

And cranking out another couple dozen.

And then the best part...frosting!

I was trying to make purple.

Katie decided to take a go...

And we had even more. 

Decorating time!

One "whaley" cute pumpkin for me...

...and another dreamy pumpkin for you.

What is one of your favorite Halloween memories? Do you have any special family traditions?

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  1. Ohhh I love the whale! Something about them just seem so cute even though they're ginormous. P.S. amazing picture taking skills on this post. You put my pumpkin carving post to shame.