Sunday, September 28, 2014

My Weekly Grateful Heart: Take 3

 I haven't been too good about this whole "weekly" thing, but I still find it a great post to write, and I have so many things to be thankful for lately. After almost two weeks of experiencing a heatwave, Bismarck is finally cooling down (most likely for good this time) and the valley is filled with the most amazing autumn colors. The leaves fill the sidewalks and get stuck in the crevices along the concrete steps outside North Hall. There is nothing more satisfying than jumping in the piles like little kids and hearing the nostalgic crunch. The wind is unreal here, and being just over a hundred pounds, I find it a tad intimidating at times. The weather is bipolar, but I'm not complaining because it will be snowing before I know it. 

This gorgeous weather makes me a little reminiscent for home, but then I remind myself that this is my home, and the people here are my new family and I have never felt happier or more safe and content than here in North Dakota. I never expected the overwhelming sense of gratitude or the countless opportunities that are making their way into my life. 

  1. Those few people who will make sure you're okay no matter what
  2. The opportunity to go to Costa Rica and Europe in the coming year
  3. Knoephla (if you have no idea what this is, you are missing out)
  4. College football games
  5. FaceTime-ing with my loved ones back home
  6. Pachelbel's Canon in D
  7. Monsignor Shea's weekly talks
  8. Gentlemen who walk you home late at night
  9. Down comforters
  10. Realizing that it's okay to take an afternoon just to be by yourself

What are you grateful for this week? Why? I'd love to hear your thoughts. 

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  1. I am grateful for you. That you are never so busy to think of us.That you take the day that is offered you and make it a gift and offer it to someone else.
    I am grateful that I am your grammy.
    I love you Greta-cakes