Sunday, September 21, 2014

Etsy Lovin'

I'm a big fan of shopping, especially online shopping. You don't get the instant gratification of having your purchases immediately, but it's easier to find good deals, personalization is usually an option and you don't have to be in a loud and overwhelming environment. I probably get this from my mother who would take online shopping over physical shopping any day. I am my mother, through and through. 

I was browsing through Etsy this afternoon instead of being proactive and completing some homework assignments (I don't have anything due until Tuesday...ah college) and I came across some adorable items. I may or may not have treated myself...
Bouffants is a shop that claims "perfectly personalized outfits for everyone!" Whether or not they live up to that motto, they have some very cute items. My favorites were these monogrammed vests in Navy, Black, Herringbone and White. And at $30 a pop? That's about $100 cheaper than the J. Crew vests I'm obsessing over. Check them out here 

Darlin' Monograms is a shop that I have a feeling I will be purchasing from again...they have very reasonably priced items in both women's and youth sizes. I'm all about the monograms this fall, and I think that the Lily Pulitzer details add another preppy touch which is a perfect addition to my wardrobe. Shop their preppy essentials here 

The Dowling Brothers specialize in anchor-themed jewelry, which I find timeless and stylish (see what I did there?) They are very reasonable and perfect for the "arm candy" look. Browse their looks here 

Faux Frat's claim to fame are appliqué basics which I think are adorable (and cheap!) takes on the classic pullover. The dog is similar to that of Southern Proper, the whale to Vineyard Vines and the crocodile to Lacoste. The crewnecks are around $25 which I think is hard to beat, and the tees are even cheaper. Check them out here

What are your favorite Etsy shops? Do you purchase from Etsy frequently? Receive $5 on your first purchase by clicking here and have a happy Sunday evening!
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