Monday, January 26, 2015

The Prepster Tag

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1.What's your definition of preppy? Classy, clean, well groomed, well educated, well spoken and well dressed. 
2.Whats your all time favorite brand? Vineyard Vines. 
3.Favorite Lilly print? This, this and this. There is truly nothing like a good Lilly. 
4. Favorite preppy Youtuber? Sarah Belle
5. Jack Rogers or Sperrys? Sperrys. But a Jack Rogers purchase will be happening this spring. 
6. Jeans or Khakis? I rarely wear either lately because leggings take the cake, but I'm going to have to say jeans, even though khakis are amazing. 
7. Opinion on Oxfords? The shirts or the shoes? Love both, but I would personally choose the shirts.
8. Duck boots, Riding Boots, or Hunters? It really depends on the outfit and the weather. I love my riding boots but Duck Boots are perfect for the snow and look great with an oversized button up, leggings and ball I'm going to go with both Duck and Riding boots (and while I love a good pair of Hunters, it doesn't rain here as much as it snows so I haven't had the need to purchase a pair yet.)
9. Navy or Black? Black is classic, but in my humble opinion, navy is the new black. 
10. Scale of 1-10 how much do you love J.Crew? A 10. It would be more though if they were more wallet-friendly. Obviously. 
11. Favorite Ralph Lauren clothing item? Ball caps, because they are perfect for bad hair days, when it's windy/snowing or really just absolutely whenever. This is my personal favorite. 
12. Pearls or bows? I occasionally wear bows in my hair (when I actually do my hair) but I'm going to have to say pearls. 
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