Sunday, January 18, 2015

Moving On

Moving on is like losing a tooth, you both anticipate and dread it. 

Anticipation because in order for something new and healthy to fill it, the old must go; dread because it's most likely going to hurt and it's going to feel empty for a while and emptiness is an awful feeling. 

But moving on, like losing a tooth, is healthy and necessary for true happiness. Sometimes we find ourselves in very poisonous situations, ones that are not benefiting us or adding any positives to our lives. We hold onto these situations, though, because we are scared of letting go of what we know. If bad situations are what we have let ourselves become accustomed to, it is natural that we should fear the unknown, the uncomfortable and the potentially challenging void that awaits us when we let go. 

We know in the back of our minds and hearts that we need to do it; our friends warn us and at times beg us to do it, but oftentimes it takes a completely unexpected occurrence for us to realize how wrong we are and how we need to remove ourselves from said situations. 

Then comes the wake up call.  

Maybe a new person comes into our life, maybe it's a quote, a comment from a best friend that finally resonates with us. And all of the sudden, we realize that we can let go. We realize that it isn't as scary anymore. It isn't as sad or painful. We realize that the time has come to lay it to rest. This doesn't mean that we have to change, it means that we have found within ourselves the power and the will to realize that we deserve better. 

Moving on is scary, it hurts and it's a pain; I speak from firsthand experience. It's not easy, but the moments that occur after we finally let go, the opportunities that present themselves, the new passions we discover, that is what makes it completely worth it. 
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