Friday, April 3, 2015

Hooked On...

This quote: The school year is drawing to a close & I am finding it harder & harder to stay concentrated & motivated. The laziness & lack of drive surrounding me doesn't make it any less difficult. It's important now, more than ever, that I stay focused and do whatever it takes to keep my goals in mind. 

This product: OGX is my favorite brand for hair products, & this is my favorite "scent family." I have extremely dry & damaged hair so the blend of kelp & algae help bring it back to life. I can't even begin to explain the just makes me feel some kind of way. I spray this product all over my damp hair when I get out of the shower and let it air dry before styling or throwing it into a braid. 

This ring: So, I've wanted one of these rings for as long as I can remember. My oldest sister always had one & I remember wishing I was cool enough to wear one too. I didn't know the entire meaning behind the ring until recently when I noticed that a lot of my friends wear them. So I did my research. The Claddagh Ring is a traditional Irish wedding ring that contains a heart held by two hands & topped with a crown. The way in which the ring is worn conveys the wearer's relationship status. Worn on the right hand & with the heart facing outward means that the wearer is single & that their heart is "open". Worn on the right & with the heart facing inward signifies that the wearer is in a committed relationship & that their heart belongs to someone. Worn on the left hand signifies that the wearer is engaged or married. I found a ring box with a little note on my desk yesterday with this ring inside. One of my friends had bought it for me as an early birthday gift. I am in love. 

This smoothie: As someone hailing from California, it's never been a problem finding a smoothie & juice shop on nearly every corner (that's actually not entirely inaccurate). In North Dakota, especially in Bismarck, these shops are few & far between. With summer getting closer, I've been craving fresh fruits & vegetables like no other, and smoothies are pretty much my favorite way to consume them. This isn't the best smoothie I've ever had, but in a pinch, it did the job and it was very insta-worthy, so that's all that matters, right?

These frockets: While I love The Fraternity Collection, they do seem to be a bit pricey, especially for broke college students like myself where anything over $10 is basically your whole bank account. Luckily, I've found a less expensive way to satisfy my frocket obsession...United Tees. They don't have quite as many patterns, but they're about half the price of The Frat Collection, and last week they had a 40% off sale on all their pockets, sooooooooo...yeah. 

This no-makeup look: While it may take some sun and moisturizing magic to get my face looking a little more alive, I've been working on being more confident in my natural skin and embracing my flaws, so go me. 

This show: I honestly have no words. That sounded so white girl but I'm sorry. I've binge-watched 6+ hours of this darn show for the past three days & I am so embarrassingly addicted. Olivia Pope is basically everything I aspire to be, minus the Monica Lewinsky-ish tendencies. Political drama, dark thriller & dry humor...yes. 

This polish: I've been pretty obsessed with nude & white polishes lately. There's just something about them that make nails look so clean & fresh. This color has been one that I've been reapplying about every other week. It lasts about a week without chipping, as long as there's a top coat & isn't streaky or goopy. I usually apply two coats & then a top coat for the best color. 

This pick-me-up: If I count correctly, I had the equivalent of roughly seven cups of iced coffee the other day. SEVEN FREAKING CUPS. Is this why I'm basically a midget? because it's totally worth it. I've always loved my coffee piping hot, but lately iced coffee has been appealing to me as well. I don't really care where it's from or even if I make it myself as long as there's no limit and a bathroom near by. (I'm still working on that whole training-the-body-to-tolerate-caffeine-thing.)

Anything new you're hooked on?

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