Thursday, November 12, 2015

Hey Wassup Hello: A Life Update

I’ve been staring at this screen for a good twenty minutes now trying to figure out what kind of post I want to write.

I browsed through roughly ten to fifteen post ideas for Fall, took a few selfies and ate a KIND bar and still nothing.

So now I’m just going to ramble about pointless things that you could probably care less about but which will make me feel at least a little productive and inspirational.

I could start by giving a life update but what’s really so interesting about that?

It’s November, so it’s basically Christmas, the red cup scandal is taking over the internet and the wind nearly whisked my Ray Bans off my face when I was walking to my 8 a.m. this morning. Now these glasses were necessary because one, I can’t see worth a crap and two because I looked a little bit blah. Granted, I snoozed my alarm clock until 7:45 so what do I expect, but I still made it to class before Karl did. Oh, Karl’s my Marketing teacher. He’s pretty cool about not yelling for when I was horribly ill and missed his class…multiple times…

Speaking of class, I’m just going to come out and say it. My schedule sucks this year. I know I should be an adult and suck it up but I’m a complainer so let me complain. When I planned it out last Spring, I wasn’t taking into consideration that I’d be working up to 35 hours a week, nor that all of those seemingly easy classes would add up to 19 credits. Stupid Greta.

Turns out, the Sophomore Slump, while believed by some to be a frame of mind, is proving to be unavoidable. Socializing, partying and running on little to no sleep just doesn’t appeal to me anymore. My coffee mug collection is growing and I swear I’ve spent more money on groceries than booze useless items that do not benefit me in any way.

 Ah, yes, financials.

So as I mentioned, I’m working pretty darn close to full-time as a waitress. How stereotypical of me, right? Laugh all you want. I’m making roughly $100 a night (this is awkward now because I am in no way trying to brag but I don't know how else to explain my stable financial status.) I bought my plane ticket home not because I had to but because I could. And it’s a beautiful feeling. 

It’s more than the money. It’s the independence, the accomplishment, the maturity, knowing that I can purchase high quality items that I’ve wanted and really deserve because I work my butt off.

It’s being an adult. It’s affording Sephora and 7 for $27 and groceries and winter jackets. It’s being able to reward myself with a meal out and leaving a $10 tip. Yes, no matter where I am I always leave between $5-$10. Why? Because I know what it’s like! Being a server is hard and stressful and annoying and everything else, so that nice tip can make all the difference.

And really, I just love working. My parents both have great work ethics and I can proudly say I inherited that quality. It makes me proud of myself when I’m so exhausted I'm sore, getting home sometimes not until 1:30 a.m., but with my pocketbook full. It makes me proud that I can live comfortably and indulge in good, high quality items when I need want them. It makes me proud that I am making my family proud.

So there’s that.

There’s a not-even-remotely entertaining life update and an epic fail at attempting to be witty.
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