Monday, May 11, 2015

Hooked On...

This app: I'm a little late to the Audible bandwagon, but after recently dedicating this summer to reading more books (among other things like working, driving, surviving, etc.) I figured I'd give it a try. I signed up for the free trial which includes one free audiobook of your choice (which is awesome, thanks Amazon) & so far, so good! I haven't yet decided if I'm going to cave in and pay for the monthly membership. It will depend on whether or not I get this job that I applied for...more on that later. It's also kind of a bother, being that Audible is twice the price of Netflix, and I've been considering getting my own Netflix account for when I go back to school in August. I guess binge-listening is healthier than binge-watching, but we'll see. Anyway. The book I decided to listen to is What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty. I put it on my list of books I want to read this summer, so I thought it was an excellent choice. I like how you download the book to your phone or tablet, so it doesn't require WiFi or use data & the app has a sleep timer along with a variety of other settings, so I'm really enjoying it. My guess is that I'm going to get so addicted that I'll have to join...that's their whole plot, isn't it?

This cleanser: I discovered this after going through my YouTube subscriptions & hearing it mentioned more than once. When I got back from school for the summer, I needed to buy all new skin & hair care products as I couldn't bring my full sized ones on the plane. But that's all besides the point...I picked up this cleansing water because I wanted to try a new skincare routine & thought that this would be implemented nicely. I love it. It's light & refreshing & doesn't require a rinse because it's an actual water itself. I pour a little on a cotton pad & cleanse my face in the morning before moisturizing & I've already noticed a difference in my skin. It's not as dry or tight & it just feels all around a lot cleaner. 

This hair: I've been debating getting my hair done for a while now. It's well overdue, but I've always been really hesitant to cut it or do anything with it because it takes forever to grow & I have somewhat difficult hair to deal with. It's naturally curly, but lately, it's less curls & more awkward waves that like to do whatever the hell they please. I guess you could say there's no real order to my hair. I end up straightening it a lot of the time, just so it's easier to manage, but even with proper protection, I hate how heat slows down the growing process. With that in mind, I'm considering taking the plunge & getting my hair done & I mean done, like consulting a professional & seeing what the deal is & how I can learn to love my natural hair more. I really like the whole long-bob style, especially the look of this one, minus the color as I'm a lot darker than that & would like to keep it that way. I'll keep you updated on that whole process. 

This coffee: Y'all know how I am about my coffee. Absolutely addicted. Really it's starting to get a little worrisome. At school, I was getting up to 6-8 cups a day. Yeah. One of my best friends recently started working at Dutch Bros. Coffee which is new in Napa, & let me tell you, it's a whole experience in & of itself. There's a walk-up window or a drive-thru & the whole atmosphere is super chill with a sort of hippy vibe, very different from a Starbucks or Peets. The coffee is really good. I ordered the Annihilator the other day, but I'm willing to try the whole menu. If you have a Dutch Bros. near you, I definitely recommend. 

This quote: This quote has just been speaking to me lately. No other explanation. 

These shorts: Clean, classic, comfortable. That's what I'm looking for in an everyday/working out/hanging around short. I like these because they're super lightweight & have a softer material, so it doesn't feel like you're wearing those annoying nylon workout shorts that ride up in the back and show underwear lines and all that dumb stuff. These are also reasonably priced for Under Armour & I love the range of colors, but the grey is especially unique.

This photography: I want to get back into using my camera more this summer & this kind of photography is something I've always wanted to master. It's so different & pleasant to look at & not that complicated once you get the hang of it. The American Flag is so cool, but I'm really not sure how it was captured so that would be really fun to play around with. 

These nails: Yes, those are mine. I missed my manicures so much. I like to keep it simple & classic & my mentality is that I can do a lot of color on my own at home & they generally don't look half bad, so when I go to get my nails done, I like to do something I can't do myself, aka a French manicure. 

This comic relief: Oh Ellen, I don't agree with the majority of your beliefs but boy, are you funny. I started listening to comedy radio on Spotify during the day or before bed, if I'm not reading/listening to a book & Ellen is just plain hilarious. She's a little coarse sometimes but very straightforward & sarcastic & she's pretty harmless for the most part. I really enjoy listening to her. 

Anything new you're hooked on?
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